Metal Photo Prints

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Metal photo prints are a great durable option to paper printed photos. These are lightweight and do not require a frame. They can easily be hung on wall with removable sticker wall mounts (Not included) or displayed on a counter. 

Multiple Finishes available:

Glossy-Shiny, reflects the most light, tends to give the clearest printing of photos. However on photos of not the best quality, this finish will be the least forgiving and show all the defects.

Matte- Less reflective, nice clean printing, but finished product has a softer look than gloss photos.

Textured- A matte finish as well, but has a slight bumpy texture to it. It add dimension, and is a good option for photo's that are slightly lower quality. Best with larger images. Images with a lot of tiny faces can sometimes get lost in the texture depending on the size of the print.

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